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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The oddest thing.

As many of you know, I am looking to move to Seattle in the spring. In preparation I have been house hunting, job hunting, posting various ads on and doing my homework to learn about utility prices, costs of commute etc, etc. I really don't feel like being caught to much off my gaurd.
I had posted an ad for a home, trying to find if there may be a landlord out there who is expecting a lease to expire about that time. In the ad I gave a description of what we are looking for. At about 9 this evening I receive an email. It was from a woman in Seattle who runs a small furniture shop. Her mother in Canada has taken ill and she has to move back to care for her mother. She responds to my add stating she had just purchased her home and does not want to sell her home nore sell off her American clients. She is looking for someone who would care and maintain her home while collecting monthly bill payments from her clients, in exchange it is free rent on the home. A 4 bdrm 2 bath. I replied to her email stating I am interested but need more info on the business and home to be clear of the situation. It didn't sound like a scam, but who knows email scams can be oddities anymore. So wish me luck that this may be the real deal! I googled the email and name and nothing came up in scam reports soooo, hopefully. This could be exactly what we need to get an early start!


GeeGuy said...

Get a written contract.

Hutch said...

That is the best advise you'll receive: get a written contract. Also, do you have a home to sell here in G-Funk?

Janna Miller said...

Thanks Geeguy, I fully intend to! The lady has written me back and the home is gorgeous, but I think I will take the emails to a lawyer to see if everything in there is legal before I sign anything at all.
Nope Hutch I don't have a property, I'm still stuck in renters land and hating it more and more. If I were to stick around I would definitely come to you for the realty end and my friend James for the mortgage end. That is to buy of course :)