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Friday, November 2, 2007

The end of Legends

So in the last 4 years I have made some of the coolest friends, met some of the coolest people and spent a majority of my Wednesdays (and at a time Thursdays too) at a local bar/grill/casino/sports bar called Legends. Jan and Skip Karaoke used to play there 2 nights a week and so as an avid follower I went habitually. This week I found out that
as of the 14th of February Jan and Skip will no longer be hosting Karaoke at Legends.
That was made better by the announcement that they will be moving to the Buffalo Saloon on Wednesdays. But will it be the same, Aptly not, simply because of the Singing Bartender Shawn and the host of other talented employees. So, wounds licked I decided I will probably go in once a week to say hi to Joe, Shawn, Nick and the girls. Then I was told.

Legends will be gone as of February. Apparently, The Sting (local pizzeria/ Sports bar
is taking over and it is still unsure who will remain. Though it coincides with my leaving Montana, I always had it in my head that I would come home occasionally and visit my friends at Legends.

It's kinda heartbreaking. I learned alot of good and bad things at that place. Like I regained the courage to sing in front of crowds again, I also learned how alcohol can be a take over. I met one of my best friends there. I met a few enemies as well.
Every Wednesday we would congregate have drinks, play pool, have drinks and have laughs and tears and conversations. We would express our emotions with the common denominator of music. I have had my last 4 birthdays there, amongst the throws of people I know and some I thought I did. We all learned about love there. Be it through an affair of our own or watching it unfold before us.
Jan and Skip are irreplaceable as a Karaoke team. There can't be anyone in the world who can keep the crowd enthralled as they do. But to lose the package, of a great "pub" style bar and my favorite Karoake there is a heart breaker. I hope that after Legends is gone I can still see some of the people out and about when I come home.... *sigh* An end of an age comes with A "Legend" leaving .


GeeGuy said...

Bummer. Where are you moving to?

ZenPanda said...

Unfortunately Great Falls has cycles for the "good" places to hang out. The Red Barn, The Gold Rush, The Beacon, JD's... all had a great run then one day the were gone.
I'm too old for the bar scene these days but I can feel your pain.

I hope that where ever you are headed you find good friends & prosper. We'll miss you here.

Janna Miller said...

Thanks guys! It'll be awhile before I run off. but I'm looking to the Seattle area in March. Who knows maybe I'll catch a break here of some sort and won't have to leave but as it looks now financially it's about the only option :(. I really couldn't stand this place growing up but now as an adult I love it more and more. I will miss this place but, I will come home frequently.