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Monday, November 5, 2007


So I logged on to Deviantart this evening and checked my messages and notes.
I received a letter from another Deviant telling me her work was plagiarized and was being redistributed from a website called an Arabic art site centered in Kuwait. As she was browsing the brush files she saw several brushes that she knew I had created. I went to the site and dug through 6525 images to find mine near the front few pages, Easily accessible to many! As of yet AT LEAST 200 artists have been victimized by this group and who knows how many more.

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This is my Photoshop brush set entitled for the love of music still bearing my artist pen name of Janna Lee.

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and 2 more

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I and other artists, put a report into and what are we told ? That because this group is based in kuwait they have been known not to follow copyright laws (or enforce them) even though treaties have been signed. This is BS and I have had it! Many artists have now stopped making their work available to others even stock artists who photomanipulation artists depend on to bring you wonderful works of art. What next are they going to start walking into our homes and taking stuff and the law looks at us like we are stupid. This stuff does not belong to these people and it's not right that they can just take it because they want to. My clients and readers have to pay me for the use of my stuff off of deviantart, if they choose to redistribute I take a cut. As do many many artists...this is how we get paid for our work. Other then that we ask that credit is given where it is due by placing a link.... Many of us keep our accounts active by donation from fans and more popular artists. Our culture is based off of art. You hear it in Music, you see it in advertisements, television shows, on the internet, in museums, in parks EVERYWHERE! Hell you can even taste it and smell it in the culinary areas.
Imagine life without it. It is people like this make artists stop doing what they love...

You should know I create my art for others to use in a creative commons fashion the stipulations being......1. link back. 2 let me know you used it. 3. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE this work as a whole you are free to use parts or pieces in YOUR own work. Here these bastards took almost ALL of my brushes and just gave them away with only my pen links nothing...I'm sure the total # of artists will be waaaaay over 200 hundred when all is said and done.