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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Serving the service industry.

One of the things about living in a community where most of the jobs are service
based, is the fact that everyone is watching everyone else. This makes it all the
easier for a customer to say "There is no way I would treat a customer that way!"
I personally have had my time in the service field, working as a Escrow specialist
right down to the customer warn waitress. I have been yelled at, screamed at,
belittled, argued with and yes I even had a customer spit at me because I followed
the law and refused to serve him any more alcohol.
Other local bloggers have recently touched on the situation or satisfaction with
local restaurants, My blog is going to focus on businesses.

The other night I meandered over to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick out the materials needed
for my Halloween costume. The order was pretty simple as far as fabric goes. 5 yards
of tulle, 2 1/3 yards of of satin, some elastic ans ribbon. my best friend and I
stood in shock as the girl (who never even greeted us ) grabbed the elastic, cut
the length and threw it (yes tossed it like garbage) across the counter. She then cut
the ribbon and this time picked up the elastic and ribbon and again tossed it about
like it was an unneeded item. She proceeded with the fabrics not taking the time
to straighten the fabric to measure it properly. carelessly cut through them
and then rolled them into a ball. tossed them on the counter and rushed off.

To top it off the clerk up front was degrading patrons of another business
here in town, calling them everything from scary, to roughest looking women
in town. I personally frequent the business in question and took great offense
when the customer the clerk was talking to blabbed about how all "those"
women must be insane, bad parents, blah blah. This conversation was exchanged
so loud that myself and my friend who were standing in the quilting area heard
the whole thing.

Now, I frequent Jo-Ann Fabrics and I know that this is not the usual service,
I get at this location, but wow! Talk about disregarding and alienating your

It's not just Jo-Anns either, I would love to go to Spencer or the Wet seal and
have an employee around so I can pay. I won't even touch Wal-Mart, once known
for it's friendly staff, We all know that is not the truth.
The fact is, people are watching, listening and analyzing your business when they
come in. First thing they want is to know the staff is friendly, the next is ease
in finding things in your store, then cleanliness. If you can't handle these three things
then it's a wonder your still in business. Remember the people buying are
the "real" owners of your store..Without their money where would you be?

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