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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Parents beware!

I was surfing Myspace today when I looked to the left at my bulletins and saw a heading for "Attention Parents" . Clicking on the link I read a story about children playing the "Pass Out or black out Game"
This is really nothing new to teens or kids, I remember watching the neighborhood boys do it when I was a kid. A story aired on NBC this week, brought the "game" to a full front and put a number on how deadly the "game" can really be. According to the story more then 2 dozen children have died while playing the game. But that's not all, it is now believed that the number could be much higher due to children playing pass out alone at home. They use belts, rope, bike chains and locks to asphyxiate themselves. Many of these children's deaths have been written up as suicide.

Apparently, the high obtained from the pass out game is as addictive as any street drug or prescription and it's just as lethal. There are no average statistics of the children who are playing , because it's not a drug many kids don't see the harm in doing it. Even kids that are on the right track in life have been known to play.

SIGNS that you child may be participating
  • Blood Shot eyes
  • Unusual markings on the chest, neck and throat
  • Belts, ropes and other such items with strange knots in your childs room.
Other names
  • Black out
  • suffocation roulette
  • funky chicken
  • space monkey
  • flat liner
  • tingling
  • cloud nine
  • the dreaming game
  • choke out
How the game is played.

Within a group it is achieved by the child taking 4 deep breaths while leaning over, standing up against a wall and then a secondary person presses firmly on the chest until the child blacks out.
then everyone wakes the passed out person up.
Alone a child chokes them self with a slip knot.

I took this picture as a diagram, My husband IS NOT applying pressure here. this is how the children hold their hands to apply pressure.

Parents should be aware of this deadly game, And yes it happens here in the falls as well. Talk to your children about the dangers of this game, not only can it cause asphyxiation but heart attacks as well. The sooner you talk to them,
the better you will be. Children have died as young as the age of 9 with
this game.

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