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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GF Animal Shelter Accused of Cruelty to Animals.

A short snippit on KFBB news this evening informed the public that the cities recently obtained animal shelter is being accused of animal cruelty by a current employee and also a former employee of the shelter.
The reports state that animal control officers were required to hold down animals and euthanize
them without any pain killers or anesthesia. Reports also state that the animals were killed before their legal
time limit of holding required by State and or federal laws.

Animal control officer Amy Lowe says,
“I had to literally hold the dogs up with their face in my face, which is dangerous, They got no pain killers and they all screamed.”

Former officer Jason Dern also stepped up to the plate to report what he had witnessed at his time with the animal shelter. I don’t know if anybody here knows what it is like to hold down 13 perfectly good animals,” he says “It’s pretty hard to sleep at night.”

Mayor Dona Stebbins refused to comment on the ordeal with a report saying that she said she would not dignify the story with a response. Other community leaders have also refused comments on the animal shelter happenings.

Other problems are now being brought to light in todays events, an example being an Angel participant paid for an animal, they never received the animal learning later that the animal had been "put down" after payment had been made, their funds were never returned.

Todays accusations come shortly after the city of Great Falls acquired the Animal Shelter from the humane society. Lots of citizens have been stating their negative opinions to the transaction
on the

You can view the news report at KFBB.COM for more on the story

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